Higher Search Engine Rankings

Does Your Website Bring Your Business the
Visitor Traffic and Sales You Want


Or are you missing out? 


Is finding your site in Search Engine results like this - needle in haystack


Your website provides a fantastic opportunity to get your message across to people in your marketplace …
… people who are searching for the products and services your business offers.

But first they have to find it!


That means your site needs to appear high in the search engine results for the
search term queries and phrases you should be targeting …

… because …


Higher Search Engine Rankings Mean
More Visitors and More Sales


Search engines like Google provide one of the main sources of commercial traffic for many sites,
and it’s a fact that most people will only click on the top one or two sites presented to them
in the search engine results for the particular phrase they’re searching on.


Get on the first page of search results!


Higher search engine rankings mean :

IncludedMore Clicks

IncludedMore Visitors

IncludedMore Sales


Likewise, lower rankings means less people clicking through to your site.


And if it’s not on the first page of results……well, you may as well forget it…

…because most people don’t generally look beyond the first page of results!


Is your website ranking as high as it should
or do you want MORE visitor traffic??


If your site isn’t right up there on the first page for the right search terms,

it wont get clicked on!


No matter how good or how useful your site is, or the products & services you offer, 
and no matter how poor the services offered on your competitor’s sites above it are!


That means fewer visitors to your site, less opportunity for you to engage with potential customers…

…and as a result you miss out on the chance to make the sales you deserve.



Alternatively you can get higher search engine rankings,
get your site noticed more by people searching
for the services and products you provide,
and get more business!


We provide SEO Search Engine Optimization services that get websites ranking higher
in the search engine results for the keyword phrases your potential customers are searching on!


Get found in search engines more often


How do we get your site ranking higher?


By Targeting the Right Search Terms (Keywords)

By Ensuring Your Site is Set Up Correctly for them

Through Creating Optimized Content for Your Site

And Promoting it Correctly

All Helping Your Site to Rank Better!


This means more people will see and click through to your website…
discovering your business and the services or products you provide.


IncludedBetter search engine rankings for Local Business sites

IncludedBetter rankings for Service and/or Product based sites

IncludedSEO that works for Specialist & Niche Market websites



Our SEO service options include:


Website SEO Analysis and Check-up – to see how well your site is set up for SEO

Keyword Research and Analysis – to ensure it gets traffic for the right target market

Content Creation – building out your site with good content as a solid foundation

On Page Optimisation – to make sure the site is set up correctly to give the search engines the right information

Off Page Optimisation – promotion of the site using a variety of methods to increase its authority
in its marketplace because Search engines like authority!

Monitoring & Reporting - We provide full reporting for the activities we undertake for you.



Now Discover How You Can Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Results


 Find out more about our SEO Search Engine Optimisation services and how
we can help you and your business get more targeted visitors
so that you obtain more value from your website


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